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Welcome to Gurney Law Group, Chicago Real Estate Attorneys, and thank you for visiting our website. We strive to deliver excellent and efficient legal services to all of our clients by providing a level of competence, diligence, and professionalism that is second to none. Furthermore, we treat all of our clients with respect and dignity. We carefully listen to your problems and find answers to your questions, encouraging communication and collaboration. At Gurney Law Group, we believe hiring a real estate attorney should feel like lifting a tremendous burden from your shoulders. We take on your problems, and proactively resolve them as if they were our own. We invite you to contact our office to determine if we can be of assistance to you.

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Flexible Billing

The real estate attorneys at Gurney Law Group strive to bill all matters on a flat-fee basis. This allows our clients to accurately predict legal expenses and results in clients feeling more comfortable with the legal process. The billable hour, the most common form of billing in the legal field, can discourage efficiency and increase concern. When a matter requires billing at an hourly rate, we promise to keep our work within our client's budget while maintaining top-level service. Our firm measures its legal services by quality and the value we add to our clients -- not the number of hours we bill.


We believe in collaborative attorney-client interaction. Whether there are issues that need to be addressed or a client simply needs to feel more comfortable with their case, our attorneys and staff are always available for our clients. We assume a lead role in every matter in streamlining communication, keeping parties informed and notified, reducing confusion, and preparing and transferring documents efficiently. Simply put, we are modernizing the practice of law.

What Our Clients Say

Jeff Nobleza

As a real estate broker I have worked with lawyers from this firm for almost a decade. My clients have always been happy with their work and product. I often recommend that my clients use them. Some of my most complex real estate transactions were able to move forward as a result of their work. These guys and gals are top notch

Katie Adler

Having Adam Gurney as my lawyer during my home buying process was the best decision I could have made. He was always available to answer all of my questions day and night. He made something that really overwhelmed me simple and easy to understand. He was much more than a lawyer, he was a very valued partner to my husband and I during our home buying process. I would recommend him to all of my friend and family!

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