About Us

A law firm committed to your transaction from start to finish, and beyond

Whether a new client is seeking legal counsel for matters dealing with real estate, estate planning or the formation of a new business, one thing is always certain – to us at Gurney Law Group, it’s never just a transaction.

It’s about helping write a new chapter for the recently married couple about to become first-time homeowners. It means cementing a family's or business owner’s legacy through a will and trust.

It’s about moving a promising business from a concept on a napkin to a real partnership and operating agreement.

It's the reward of helping one struggling family keep their home while being a steady presence for a grieving family to lean on as they carry out the last wishes of a departed loved one.

And it's the excitement on a real estate investor's face when she realizes her aspirations of buying or selling a property have now become a reality.

After you learn more about our firm here on our website, see for yourself what our recent clients consistently say about Gurney Law Group in their reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and other media. Thanks to the smooth process and accessibility of our attorneys, you’ll realize how invaluable it is to have a team like ours working for you during these highly emotional transitions. Then contact Gurney Law Group at 312-929-0974 for an initial consultation, free of charge.