How Can a Real Estate Attorney Assist the Real Estate Agent in the Closing Process

How Can a Real Estate Attorney Assist the Real Estate Agent in the Closing Process

Closing on a house can be an extensive process that involves a variety of steps and procedures. Each person has a different role in the process, and each role is essential to get the transaction completed. 

These transactions tend to run smoothest when all roles can work together to achieve the single purpose. During these transactions, many real estate agents find it best to partner with a real estate attorney for a few key aspects. 

Retrieve Details

In many cases, the real estate agent involved in the closing will need to talk with the mortgage holder to gather details. Some of these details might involve payoff amounts, property taxes, and any other necessary information or instructions that the lender might need to provide for the transaction.


Coming up upon closing may require a significant amount of negotiations. This might be about price, about changes that need to be made on the house, or about anything else regarded to the real estate sale. When a real estate agent has a real estate attorney come alongside them in the process, the attorney can often handle the negotiations to help ensure professional representation for the client, and help ensure that all demands are discussed and a fair agreement is reached.


Finally, the attorney is responsible for writing, guiding, and enforcing the contracts. During the closing process, the real estate attorney will give a final review of the contracts before they are signed. The attorney may also step in if the contract is not being adhered to by the opposing party. 

If you are a real estate agent looking to partner with a real estate attorney to ensure a smoother and more efficient closing for your clients, contact Gurney Law Group today. Our experienced real estate attorneys have worked on thousands of closings, and they are happy to assist you.

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