Three "Deal Breakers" That Might Actually Make Your Foreclosure Purchase a Better Deal

Most people walk into their home buying experience with that checklist in their head. They have a pretty clear idea of what they are and are not looking for. In a lot of these instances, this checklist is important. It is built from past experiences and revolves around what does and does not work for that unique situation and family.

However, in some cases, people are turned away from a home because of something that can actually be fixed or changed pretty easily. Here are three main “deal-breakers” that might not actually be deal breakers at all, but might, instead, help you get a better deal out of a home.

Unappealing Photos

While most people determine a home to be a deal breaker upon entering it, others don’t even enter the home before they count it out. In many instances, people do not even get past the listing pictures before they decide that a home is not the right fit for them. Unfortunately, these people could be missing out on a great opportunity. Listing photos will never give a full view of the home. Some will make the home look better than it is, and others may make the home look worse. No matter how the home appears in the pictures, you should never count out a home in your ideal location and price range just because it didn’t appeal to you in the listing photos.


Some people buy a home by the “feel” it offers when they walk into it. While this is understandable, many times that vibe that a home has to offer is strictly cosmetic. If you take a step back and recognize why the home or room just isn’t appealing to you, you may realize that it has to do with the type of flooring or the color of a wall. In these cases, if you keep an open mind, you might find that for a minimum cost, you could make the slightest changes to make the home a better fit for you. Besides, if you don’t experience a great first impression of the home, others might not either. If you can look past the cosmetics, and instead look at potential, you could end up getting a much better deal on a home that just needs a little help.

An Outdated Kitchen

Like the cosmetics of a home, an outdated kitchen is something that seems much more overwhelming than it really is. Many times the fixes that a kitchen needs will add more to the home than it will cost you. Many see a home in need of new countertops or cabinets, and once again, they write the home off completely based on aesthetic. Take time when looking at a kitchen to strategically consider whether or not the changes that need to be made are truly a deal breaker. In most cases, just a little bit of work will go a long way.

If you are looking to buy a new home, but you are nervous that you will get in over your head, you may benefit from the experienced eye of a real estate attorney. Contact Gurney Law Group today, and let our Chicago real estate attorneys help you to get the best deal possible on your next real estate purchase.

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