Three Reasons Real Estate Agents Benefit from Attorney Assistance with Foreclosure Transactions

Every real estate transaction takes a team effort, especially when working with foreclosures. Ultimately, in every single transaction, an entire team of real estate professionals partner together, each with their own tasks to drive the sale through to completion.

Two incredibly important parts of this team is the real estate agent and the real estate attorney. When these two parts work together in an organized manner, the entire process runs a lot smoother. Each brings their own unique experience to the table to advocate for the client’s best interests.

If you are a real estate agent in the Chicago area, there are a variety of reasons that it might be in your best interests to partner with a reliable real estate attorney.

Legal Advice and Jargon

Attorneys are trained to handle the legal side of real estate, which means that they have an eye trained to read and understand any legal jargon in contracts or other documentation. Not only can they translate these documents to both the real estate agent and the client, but they are also trained and authorized to offer legal advice on the matter. While real estate agents are able to better understand the legal aspects after years of experience, they can get in trouble if they offer any legal advice. Because of this, a real estate agent and a real estate attorney make a balanced pair to guide clients and effectively drive the transaction through.

Saves Time and Money

A real estate agent has a lot on their plate for every transaction. By bringing an attorney on board, the contract can be one less thing that an agent has to focus on. This can save the agent a significant amount of time to focus on the other essential aspects including showings and communication. In addition, an attorney can end up saving both the client and the real estate agent money by looking over the contract and ensuring that no unnoticed deals or fees are slipped in between the lines.

Protects the Sale

More than anything else, an attorney partners well with a real estate agent to help ensure that the sale can be protected. The attorney will not only read over the contract, but they will also be there to enforce the contract if the opposing party starts to deviate from what is set in place. This once again takes a significant load off of the real estate agent’s shoulders, and helps provide the client peace of mind.

If you are a real estate agent in the Chicago area looking for legal guidance to help your clients through a real estate transaction, contact Gurney Law Group today. Our experienced real estate attorneys look forward to building a professional relationship with local real estate professionals in the area of real estate foreclosures.

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