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Does Probate Always Need To Be Complicated?

Not With The Right Probate Attorney.

For decades, people have been hearing that probate is an awful process that’s horribly expensive, very invasive and stretches on forever.

Fortunately, the times are changing.

Probate has become a much more streamlined process in the state of Illinois, less expensive than it used to be and rarely as long as it was in the past either.

“So Do I Actually Need To Go Through Probate?”

It’s the first question our estate planning attorneys at Gurney Law Group often receive in relation to probate. The answer comes from a very fact-specific analysis we conduct in which we learn more information to determine whether or not probate actually needs to happen.

Has the individual set up their estate so that everything is in a trust or in a bank account that has someone else's name on it too? Or did the person pass away owing a substantial amount of debt, owning real estate or have heirs that are difficult to find?

Whether the situation requires probate or a court process is needed to get everything taken care of in an appropriate manner, Gurney Law Group can help navigate the direction that’s right for you.

Probate Disputes

If there are disputes that arise after someone has died, it can bring out the worst in families. In that event, probate may be the only way to solve it in a reasonable manner.

Even here, however, while it’s rare that everybody is going to be happy in that circumstance, having an outside perspective in Gurney Law Group's probate attorneys can give you the clarity to understand the options before you that you can’t immediately see.

That’s where we aim to work with you in the most collaborative fashion possible. We’re not here to merely give you a set of directions. We’re here to serve as an invaluable resource for your questions so you completely understand what’s happening at every point in the process and feel comfortable with what lies ahead. If and when any minor crises come up along the way, we can discuss that too, sharing how we plan on addressing the matter at hand. Because while probate is very much a legal process, Gurney Law Group also has the goal of keeping your family whole as best we can.

Of course we always act in your best interest, but our preference as a firm is to come to an agreement where cooler heads prevail before we take contested matters to court. Why? It can potentially not only save you from the financial headaches that may accompany the expense of probate but also some of the emotional pain from what could be a protracted court process.


For so many of the unforeseen circumstances of life that can impact those who are still alive, Gurney Law Group's guardianship services can bring real solutions where only endless questions have been. We can help with getting a designated individual named guardian as well as handling all of the paperwork and processes involved.

This includes:

  • Guardianship of a minor if something has happened to the child’s parents
  • Guardianship of an adult with a developmental disability
  • Guardianship of an elderly individual who is declining due to dementia or a similar illness

When you meet with Gurney Law Group, you’ll be surprised to learn that in many cases, even those involving probate, there are options and potential solutions before us that ensure the next step doesn’t have to be the most frustrating one. Let’s talk in greater detail about what that path means for you today.