Selling Real Estate In Chicagoland:

Protect Your Investment

Whether you’re just pondering selling your home or have recently listed it, now is always the right time to retain an experienced real estate attorney to protect your investment. At the Gurney Law Group, we prefer to be looped in sooner than later. Because sooner means we are part of your tactical team from the ground up.

Real Estate Attorneys Who Understand Selling in Illinois

We anticipate problems. We know where and how most transactions get tripped up. Chicagoland is one of the toughest real estate markets in the country and we’ve closed thousands of transactions successfully with the optimum outcome for sellers. 

Minimize Headaches, Secure Your Sale

Real estate is a core focus at GLG. It’s not something we dally in on the side. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of the complicated real estate landscape in both downtown Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. 


I’ve just listed my home, so why do I need an attorney already?

Selling real estate in Illinois is an intricate process with mountains of paperwork and multiple moving parts. It’s ideal if we’re brought on board at the onset. Since we charge a flat fee of $650, why not get us in your corner now? Contact us for a free consultation about GLG’s comprehensive seller representation services. We also match any other rates or quotes you receive. 

What value do you bring to the table and what types of services are included in your flat fee? 

With so many parties involved in a property transaction, sometimes sellers forget that your attorney is the only party that represents your interests and your interests alone. GLG scrutinizes all documents at each juncture and keep things humming along to ensure your sale closes without a hitch. We prepare all closing documents in advance and attend as your representative.

What if I have questions. Will I be charged beyond the flat fee for any extra communication with GLG?

Never! Here’s where our clients say we shine. We’re accessible, approachable and get back to you right away. It’s only natural you’ll have questions about one of the biggest investments of your life. We foster and encourage great lines of communication.

How do you work with my real estate agent?

We’ve built thriving relationships with real estate agents throughout the Chicago area. Agents tell us that we’re refreshingly responsive, returning calls promptly and never missing critical details. 

What are some of the biggest roadblocks when trying to sell a home in Illinois?

Lack of quality communication can muck up even what appears to be a slam dunk sale. Poor communication, combined with an assumption that real estate transactions are simplistic, results in otherwise avoidable complications. Just as you wouldn’t attempt to sell your home without a marketing plan, it’s equally important to retain an experienced real estate attorney to usher your investment safely to the finish line. 

What kind of closing costs and legal fees can I expect? 

In the City of Chicago and outlying suburbs, closing costs for sellers are typically 7 to 10% of the purchase price. These costs include items like our fee, realtor commission, title fees, pro-rated real estate taxes and transfer fees. As part of our services, we can detail this cost breakdown—yet another reason to retain us early. It’s ideal to know your bottom line before even determining your list price. 

I’ve received an offer on my home. How do we make sure this deal goes through?

At GLG, we adhere to a thorough checklist so that nothing falls through the cracks. We prepare all the closing documents and are highly skilled at advancing real estate transactions. With so many transactions under our belt, we’re never surprised and innovate workarounds for any last-minute issues. 

What if I can’t be at the closing? 

We take the burden off your shoulders. Oftentimes, our clients do not attend the closing and we handle everything on their behalf. Since we’re a full-service firm, it’s already part of your flat fee. 


  • Responsive, Open Lines of Communication 
  • Review Sales Contracts & Riders
  • Review Home Inspection & Disclosures
  • Negotiate Repairs & Credits
  • Finalize Any Contingencies
  • Order, Review & Clear Property Title
  • Obtain Survey & Any Required Documents
  • Prepare Deed, Bill of Sale & All Closing Documents
  • Attend Closing, Record & Disburse All Funds